Expert Care

Mike Rogers, MSPT

Mike Rogers received his Masters of Science in Physical Therapy in 1999 from the University of the Pacific, graduating with highest honors in Orthopedics. He holds BA/BS from University of Washington in history and zoology. I have been involved in elite sports since 1987 either as a coach or as a competitor.

I am the expert in optimizing movement after injury, before and after surgery, and to prevent activity related injuries. My goal is to help you reduce medications, possibly avoid medical or surgical procedures and achieve functional movement that is crucial to your quality of life.

I use the integration of scientific principles of movement, function, neurological programming and exercise progression to promote physical activity, improve health, and to optimize performance regardless of your starting point or end goal.

I view education as crucial to your recovery, empowering you towards self-management and prevention. I integrate education into each patient session, matching the style of teaching to your best method of learning.

I provide you with direct, one-on-one contact. Your entire visit will be spent with your physical therapist. This allows me to create an optimal plan for your musculoskeletal needs to return you to your optimal function.

  • Spine Stabilization

  • Pelvic Dysfunction

  • Knee and Shoulder Rehabilitation

  • Biomechanics and Sport Enhancement Training

His philosophy of care focuses on restoration of strength, function and proper biomechanics for the athlete, office worker or the retired individual.

Mike has been a competitive cyclist for the last 21 years and at the elite level for the last 15. He shares his passion for sports through training and coaching cyclists, runners and triathletes and holds an expert-level license from USA Cycling. His athletes win awards at all levels, from high school to the Masters level. Mike is also a former athletic trainer and high school cross country/track coach and continues to run in local races.

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